Virtual CFO

Finance may be a non-core area from the promoters’ perspective but there is no doubt that every business needs a controller who can monitor, administer and manage its financial operations. However, many a times, small or medium sized business enterprises (SME) or the budding start-ups don’t have enough infrastructure to hire a finance team to manage the show. That’s when they need a ‘Lean Team’.

What is necessary has to be done; so as to cut the mustard, FinsQ has come up with a special service of Virtual CFO.

Let us introduce to you to our MOST SPECIAL service exclusively designed for start-ups , small to mid sized entities and Foreign Subsidiaries, “THE VIRTUAL CFO”.

The Virtual CFO is a strategic partner for the growth of your business.  He acts just as similar to a full-time CFO except for the fact that you don’t need to hire it full time yet it’s always available, isn’t that exciting?

Why should you hire The Virtual CFO?

  • Peace of mind: Once you assign your business to The Virtual CFO at FinsQ, it begins functioning immediately and provides you the much needed time to devote to your core business.
  • Better understanding: Don’t you wish to have a better understanding on your financial aspects without going through the troubles of studying every trivial thing. The Virtual CFO helps you have that understanding and more control on cash.
  • Smooth operations: The Virtual CFO ensures that your compliances are filed before time and reports are made on correct parameters.
  • Strategic Advice for growth: In order to take your business to heights, you need regular business health checks & analysis on performance, operations, sales & marketing, Human Resources & Payroll and technology. This exactly what the Virtual CFO provides!

The Virtual CFO hence, makes sure that the right financial management disciplines are in line and a strategic plan is crafted to acquire the business goals.

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